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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Surprises, Memories & Other Things

Surprises: Monday I was called in by the same company as last week for some quick voice-over work. They may become repeat customers/clients. That would be nothing short of splendid.

Surprises: Eric Burns over at Websnark asked his girl to marry him, and in a most unique fashion. I'm happy to report that she said yes. Do I know him personally? Nope. But I like his writing.

Memories: Thinking on old times. Not unlike a dummy. I had a nice evening out tonight w/ Tamia and her son, Paolo. She's a friend from my Theatre IV days. It was good to get out for a bit.

Other Things: I started work on a new writing project; something both ambitious and silly. Got off to a good start, but it was little more than that. Hopefully there will be more progress in the coming days (when I'm not working on a transcription). This one is going to take a while.

It's twenty after one and I'm not tired. Staying a nightowl is fine, provided I can get done what I need to get done.

Anyway. Sweet dreams, folks. More to follow.


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