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Monday, February 05, 2007

For Lack Of A Better Word, Tall British Yoda Is A Dick.

**Heroes Spoilers below. Y'all have been warned.**

Heroes: Great show. Brilliant stuff. Peter Petrelli, the power-leech has sought the services of Tall British Yoda, played by Ex Dr. Who Christopher Eccleston. Tall British Yoda is a recluse, enjoying his stint as an invisible man. Petrelli comes to him for help controlling his powers, over which he has none.

TBY's first theory is that Petrelli needs to stop caring about family, friends, and other loved ones. With no success in this at all, his next motivational tool is to throw Petrelli off a building. Thirty stories up. In order to get him to fly.


Petrelli doesn't. So well. He destroys a taxi cab, impaling himself with bits of the car's top. Then he gets better. He uses a once-borrowed power to recover. Mostly.

Through completely unsafe, untried, potentially fatal means, Tall British Yoda gets results. After which he punches Peter in the face, knocking him out.




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