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Friday, February 02, 2007

Why Showbiz Occasionally Sucks

Hark argle fark sazza fragga. The preceding nonsense was an attempt to voice my frustration with this whole line of business. There's no business like Show Business.

No business I know.

Please don't get me wrong-- I love this line of work. Acting, Voice-overs, I'm happiest when I'm working. It's a great, fulfilling career to be pursuing. Very much so.

It's just that every few days, or every few weeks, a potential gig will pop up that becomes an immediate priority. Like a group of ducks on a pond, every part of the brain homes in on that soggy little bread crumb of an opportunity.

The job sounds promising, interesting, and something I think I would be great for.

Someone just tossed in another bread crumb.

My vexation is not that these opportunities pop up. My vexation is that once I've done everything I can to secure said gig, I have to completely forget about it and move on to something else. In this line of work we rarely-if-ever receive notices that we didn't get the gig.

I can take rejection. I've failed to get far more jobs in this line o' work than I've grabbed.

It's the waiting. It's the not knowing. The one-two slap on the back of the head from them drives me up the frickin' wall.

So. Need to find something else to focus on for a bit. Whatever that will be.

*twiddles thumbs*

... Dang.



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