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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Throat Dos & Donts

Okay. Had a sore throat since last night. Grr. Not good. I still sound normal, it just hurts a bit. No fever, it's not a cold. I did find out the following things are bad for the throat. Most I knew.

1. Coffee. That one I knew.
2. Tea w/ caffiene. I thought tea was supposed to soothe, turns out I've been drinking the wrong kind. Damn.
3. Chocolate. Thank goodness I didn't break open the hot cocoa.
4. Peanuts & Peanut Butter. I was munching on peanuts earlier. Damn.
5. Eggs & dairy. I knew about dairy, but was surprised by the eggs. (When's the last time an egg surprised you?)
6. Alcohol. Also knew it was gonna be on the list.

Honey = good. So that's good.

I think I'll pour myself some Iced Tea, let it warm up a bit to room temp or something (made from decaf and fresh cut lemons) and see if I can't kick this thing's ass. Tomorrow's important, dagnabbit.

Oh, and thanks to You rock. Despite misspelling 'elixirs'.


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