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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Memorable Night

And for no shortage of reasons! In order of issue (or in more explainable terms, the chronological reasons):

#1. Mark's Birthday. Happy Birthday! I had a truly fantastic time tonight. I hope you enjoy your present as much as I enjoyed playing Six Degrees. Great night.

#2. A new celebrity sighting: John Glover, enjoying dinner at a restaurant w/ open patio windows on 9th avenue. Sweet.

#3. While waiting for Mark outside the House of Brews, who do I overhear across the street but a group of men singing songs of Phi Mu Alpha? The New York Alumni branch of my college fraternity, signing like jaybirds. I joined in, showed them my fraternity pin (kept always in my wallet) and doing the secret handshake, met a dozen brothers in one go. It was nothing short of fantastic, as far as coincidences go.

Today was good. Quite good. A long day to be sure, but a good day none the less. Shazam.

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