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Sunday, June 17, 2007


This weekend saw the first round of auditions for The Yellow Brick Monologues, which will premiere off Broadway in August, barring any unforeseen complications or problems. (Knocks on wood.)

The people that showed up were quite talented. I had a devil of a time narrowing down the casting choices to just three or four actors/actresses per part. Due to time constraints, I'm seeing the Dorothys tomorrow and the rest of the callbacks on Wednesday. Both should be plenty of fun.

Laura, who has gotten to know me plenty well, pointed out that I seem to be at my best (or happiest, I forget) when I'm pulling the strings from behind the scenes. I haven't done any acting since I got up here. Sure, the odd voiceover gig, but no real stage work. Maybe I am best suited in the bleachers and before a keyboard. Right now, I can't honestly say...

Now-- some roles were easier to cast than others. I've already got my Wicked Witches, the Wizard, and my little dog, too. HAH. Anyway. I'm looking forward to callbacks (both sets) with great anticipation. Sweet.

You can bet there will be more to follow.



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