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Monday, September 29, 2008

Tugging on the Old Heart Strings

So: Work is going alright, I'm loving my SNL writing class and I'm starting to take steps that might lead to staging my newest play. All good things. (Oh, and I've resumed applying for other jobs for when my current temp position expires.)

The economy is circling the drain; but as I'm in no position to do anything about it, I can't really worry about it. What on earth would be the point.

I'd like to date more. It's been two months now since Shawna and I stopped seeing each other. I had a lunch date two weekends ago with a nice girl named Debbie but she hasn't gotten back to me about a second date, yet. She was going on vacation...

And tonight I asked out a fellow student in the writing class. She's smart, she thinks I'm funny and oh yes, has some nice legs. I asked her to join me for coffee some time, she said 'Sure'.

I want to put myself out there. Meet people-- invigorate my social life by actually having one. It would be nice. First dates are so awkward. The muddling back and forth with conversation, the pleasant surprises and little appraisals we give each other and don't speak of.

I had an idea once for a story in which, thanks to some powerful satellite connections and globally issued implants, everyone knew everyone. Not on a deep, personal level; more like they automatically knew the type of person you were, simply by laying eyes on you. Job interviews would consist of a handshake. War would stop (or get much nastier) once folks knew who they were up against.

Ugh. First dates. I've had some truly wonderful experiences as well as evenings so tepid and/or mediocre as to make one want to scrub the brain vigorously with a Brillo pad. A necessary evil-- how else am I going to meet anyone...

Things are okay. I'm writing, I'm working, and I have a well-stocked schedule. Let's hope for more of the same in the days to come.

Ciao for now.

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