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Monday, February 27, 2006

Fun With Death Scenes

I’m headed to the Books-on-Tape company I work with, shortly, and I’m just jazzed about it. I typically play bad guys (villain-of-the-week, so forth) and my fair share of ‘red-shirts’, to boot. And if you don’t know what a red-shirt is, why are you reading this in the first place?

The icing on this cake? Death scenes. To date, my characters have been shot, mutilated, beheaded, thrown down a ravine, eviscerated by giant insects and flat-out skewered in combat with swords. Today? I get to add ‘blown up’ to the list. SHAZAM.

So far my favorite was the one with the bugs; as they were covering my hapless character in acid first, for easier digestion. We got some very satisfying sounds with a mouthful of water and some really guttural screaming. Man this stuff is neat.

So who’s hungry for lunch?


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