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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tall, Dark & Handsome Bookends

Folks, I disclose the following, fully in mind of Leta’s suggestion from a year ago or longer: Namely not to talk about one’s job in too much detail, as it could land one in hot water. Since I’m headed for the bath as it is, here goes.

Two and a half years ago, I was in a play called The Enchanted. I played a guy who was pure government cheese: It was requested that I resemble Clark Kent as closely as possible. Having no problem with that, I dyed my hair dark brown, and it seemed to work for the show. I have not had it re-colored at any other time, besides Enchanted. Simultaneously, I got the day-job I’m currently working.

Or at least, the job I’ll have until the end of March. My contractor’s deal with the bigger company is expiring. I applied directly for my current position, and didn’t get it.

This evening, before rehearsal, I’m getting my hair dyed a dark brown at the request of the Assassins make-up and hair designer, Malca. I’m trying to resemble the dark-haired Sam Byck as much as possible, short of an actual haircut. (Come on. I like it this length.)

The end result? My hair’s going to be the same false color leaving this position as it was when I started here. Huh. Go figure.


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