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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Well, It Seemed Funny At The Time

It bears repeating that we have some smart cookies in the cast of Assassins. One damned clever bunch, here. As a result, my own puns have been a bit worse for wear in an effort to keep up with the quota being produced by my colleagues.

Sunday afternoon, before our first run, Mike and Shannon were talking about Phantom of the Opera, and how it was the first musical to do so and so. I forget the specifics. Sue me, already. I stepped over, nodded as if I was listening (guess I wasn’t), and waited for an opportunity to chime in.

“Ah yes. While Fanta of the Opera was the first musical to focus on a variety of fruit-flavored sodas.” Mike nodded in a scholarly fashion, and proceeded to help carry the joke another few feet. Shannon just stared at us.

I love this cast.


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