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Friday, March 03, 2006

Just How Big Is That Stride, Anyway?

Last night, we managed to run Assassins from start to finish. There were one or two flubs along the way (like my gun leaping out of the holster… click), but beyond everything else, it was a good run.

Everyone’s doing their part, here. But honestly, I have to tip my hat to our stage manager, Jenna. Jenna’s been steering things behind the scenes quite effectively, taking care of the cast’s needs left and right, making sure things run smoothly as they can; generally being one outstanding Stage Manager.

Last night was the first time we worked with this HUGE sign of Sam Byck’s. Its entrance presented a new quandary: what the heck do I do when I’m finished with it? There’s really no place to put it, it’s designed to catch your eye. Our director, Craig, said “Give it to Jenna.” I told her about the new change, she shrugged and said, “Okay.”

If that doesn’t sound like a reasonably big deal, think about this: In addition to all the ‘extra’ things she’s taking care of, Jenna is also coordinating dozens of props, making sure everything is where it needs to be. With a show with no intermission, she’s never going to stop moving from start to finish. Probably longer than that, at both ends.

She makes Sam’s sandwich, for pete’s sake. With a little mayo! Wednesday, when Jaclyn was ill and I was in the throes of an Olympian headache, she took every opportunity to check up on both of us. Damn. And she’s done every single thing asked of her without batting an eye.

Jenna, you’ve been outstanding. Frankly, you rock.

*Truck backs up, unloads 8-foot-tall boulder* You rock this much.


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