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Monday, July 24, 2006

Things Are Lookin' Up

You ever get the feeling that things are just... right? You're headed where you're supposed to be heading, you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. I've been feeling that way lately, more than I have in a while.

Granted, not everything's been sunshine and chocolate-covered espresso beans, but that's par for the course. --Opportunities that I've made possible by taking a few risks are starting to echo back. It's a good feeling.

Another aspect has been making the acquaintances I have, recently. I was taken very much by surprise how easy it's been to... connect with people. Yes, it helps that we have things in common; but I've met plenty of people in the business with whom I couldn't communicate at all; even with a megaphone, flashcards and a translator besides. This type of person, I'm finding, is rare but not 'endangered'. That's reassuring for its own sake.

Over-thinking things? Yeah. This, too, is par for the course. Still: I like where things are headed.

More to follow, folks. In its own time.


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