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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Snakes! In A Theater

*I am not making this up*

Phoenix, Arizona: Snakes On A Plane had more than Man in the audience Friday night-- Two diamondback rattlesnakes were released into the theater during the movie.

As far as practical jokes go, this one verges off the path of 'kinda funny' toward 'kinda evil'. Dude. Snakes make terrible movie-goers. They can't shut up (especially rattlers, noisy at both ends), they don't buy any concessions and in a dark room filled with loud noises; you are begging them to attack.

No-one was hurt, the snakes were returned to the Arizona desert. Authorities suspect the cunning use of backpacks in smuggling the snakes into the cinema.

No ssssuspectsss were arresssssted. Shuckssss.


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