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Monday, September 04, 2006

Well, *That* Sucked

Biting the bullet, I went out to see The Wicker Man with Heather today.

It sucked. Big time.

*sigh* Imagine a favorite meal of yours. It's one of your favorites because it is the way it is: fantastic recipe, good ingredients, quality-- um, meat. Then, along comes a chef of some repute who takes that meal; doesn't bother to change the name and decides he's going to edit the crap out of the recipe, change half the ingredients, and substitute beef boullion cubes with chicken necks.

I really do like some remakes. The Thing is at the top of that list, and on a technicality so is The Wizard of Oz. In my opinion (not popular among some friends o' mine) the SciFi Channel's Frank Herbert's Dune blows away the 80's version of same.

Books like Wicked never could have been written if someone with vision wasn't able to look at established material and take it in a new, exciting direction.

That's just not what happened this time.

Honestly? The next time someone wants to remake a classic (which Wicker Man is hailed as, in certain circles) I hope the powers that be think long and hard about it... and then spend half the budget of a remake on promoting the theatrical re-release of the original for the next generation. Untouched by digital modifications like walky-talkies-for-guns or other freakin' nonsense. Enough is enough.

So, enough.


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