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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Good, Good, Good

Mike and I went to a cigar tasting tonight. Damn, what a good time. Completely relaxing. Good stogies. Good food. Good stories-- we traded stories back and forth for three hours or so. The restaurant afterwards was a different story.

A place across the street, Rock Bottom Cafe, was jumping. Just shy of packed. We grabbed a table on the second floor; where we had too long a wait. I went down to the front desk, grabbed a book of matches with the phone number, then went back up to the table.

I called the restaurant from my cell phone: "Good Evening. Rock Bottom Cafe', how can I help you?" "Yeah, hi. I'm on the second floor, party of two, we've been waiting ten minutes for a waiter. Can you send someone up?" "Oh. Sure."

Even after that, the service was bad. The food was fine, but the delivery... not so much. Left a low tip for the first time in longer than I can remember. Came on home.

A very good night. Cheers, folks.


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