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Friday, November 10, 2006

Russia Intolerant of Racial Intolerance. *Da.*

In a move that can only be described as 'not surprising in the slightest'; Russia has banned the movie Borat. The gesture is most likely out of deference for political connections to the much-mocked Kazakhstan, a national neighbor. lists Borat as the first non-pornographic movie to receive such a ban in Russia; however I can only assume that whoever wrote that piece of trivia didn't actually see the flick. Those of you who have seen it know exactly what scene I'm talking about. *re-bleaches eyes*

Vadim Ivanov, sales director for 20th Century Fox quotes, "The Agency said the film could offend some viewers and contained material that 'might seem disparaging in relation to certain ethnic groups and religions'." Russian authorities are adhering to a zero-tolerance policy for racial stereotypes and similar forms of intolerance.

Said authorities then returned to their normal activities of drinking vodka, playing chess, sporting fuzzy hats and being cold all the time.


As if that weren't enough, in other Borat-related news; a Turkish Freelance journalist by the name of Mahir Cagri has come forth claiming to be the original inspiration for the socially inept fictional reporter; and is demanding a piece of the profits.

Cagri was then tapped on the shoulder by a bitter Yakov Smirnoff. The comedian, inebriated on his namesake, spouted "In Russia, Stereotype sues you. What a Country!" and punched Cagri in the face.


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