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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well. That Kinda Sucked.

Yesterday had far too many thoughts. What was genuinely good tidings for someone else tossed me into a spin-cycle funk of "Where the hell am I headed?" that lasted the rest of the day and night.

Which is where my friends came in.

I had a splendid dinner w/ Jenna at this great Chinese restaurant in Greenbelt. (Best Kung Pao around.) Had a drink w/ Anjili in DC, not that we did much to lift one another's spirits. She was exhausted, and I was pretty much a pill.

Called up Bill, and we talked for a while, as I drove home. Bill's one of the most 'together' people I know. His life is heading exactly in the direction it should be. (At least it is from where I'm standing.)

Went home, popped in a movie, called it a night. At which point I got a surprise phone call from another good friend. A bad day was made very tolerable after all.



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