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Monday, June 18, 2007

Something Bubbling Around In The Back Of My Brain

I've been doing some thinking about the new Harry Potter book that's to come out. I've been thinking about Horcruxes.

Let's put aside for the minute the theory that Harry himself is actually the last one. (Which is a pretty darned good theory in itself.) The horcrux-is-an-object rules seem to be flexible-- Nagini the snake's even a living creature.

Bad old Lord Voldybritches has established that he has a fondness for trophies; Slytherin's Locket and the rest. He was also ca-razy about his years at Hogwarts. Despite his loathing of everything Dumbledore stood for, he loved the school.

The school.

Hogwarts, the actual building, has proven in every single book to have a variety of surprises. Secret rooms, booby traps galore, moving staircases, more secret rooms, and the place is practically a fortress.

Who's to say the entire freakin' building couldn't be the last Horcrux?

It's unlikely but possible that Tom Riddle committed more murders on campus than just Moaning Myrtle. He'd have to be on-site to do it. Right?

All the books' primary action has taken place at the school. This makes sense, as the main characters are kids; but since the third book, each climax has taken place further and further away. Nevertheless, once the devastating horror settles down, back to Hogwarts they go. The school is home. (Excluding summers.) Harry says he may not bother to return to the school for his last year... I don't think he'll really have a choice in the matter.

The minute I thought of that, I was reminded of a great scene from Stranger Than Fiction. Harold Crick, determined to prove he's in control, stays home from work and does absolutely nothing. Before the day is out, his apartment is partially destroyed. He's part of something bigger than himself. Harry may fight it with all his might but I'm willing to bet the 'mission' he's appointed himself won't rear its ugly head more often than the odd trip to Hogsmeade. SNAPS.

Anyway. My two cents.



  • At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Amanda said…

    I hate to say it but... I thought about Hogwarts being the final... never Harry though. Interesting. Unless Voldy puts himself into him and Harry has to kill himself in order to murder Voldamort? An ironic twist? Who knows.

    But I know... I KNOW you are going to strut around like a rooster if you are right on this one. Eh? EH?

    Congrats on YBL, btw. I loved it when I read it... I'm sure it will be to die for being performed by actual people with talent :)



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