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Sunday, November 09, 2008

On Firsts

It's been an interesting weekend. Two firsts this weekend; one I hope to repeat soon. Well: To be fair, I'd like to do both again.

Saturday evening, I had my first taste of genuine Chinatown cuisine. The best Chinese food I have ever had. Two years in New York and I'd never been? Ludicrous! Mandarin Court on Mott st. provided sizzling oysters, beef w/ mushrooms and delicious dim sum. Simply fantastic.

As for today, I met a girl for coffee for a first date. It seemed to go fine; but I'm not sure a second date is in the cards. It's up to an ambiguous and not encouraging 'maybe'.

So yeah. There's that.

The search continues for further employment; my current temp job expires in another four weeks. I've been applying for work as a writer &/or editor with no success. Yet.

Drop me a line, folks. More to follow.



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