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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tethered For A Reason...

Folks, coming from the too-good-not-to-share department, we have a story from Amanda this morning.

Evidently lack of O2 can affect one's hearing. Who knew?

Walking with one of her patients this morning, she wanted to adjust his oxygen intake. First she asked him to stop walking. Nothin'.

"Stop!" She insists. Nada; on he plods. Everyone else in earshot comes to a halt, of course, including nurses and other patients, as hers is a tone that commands respect (snerk); but this guy's on a roll. Not stoppin' for nothin'.

Finally she tugs on his safety belt, which actually manages to snag his attention (along with the rest of him). "Did you say something?" he innocently asks.

I just have this image in my head of her playing tug o' war with a patient twice her size, using half his gown as the rope. That's good stuff, right there.



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