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Friday, March 17, 2006

I've got a question, folks.

This isn't state-capitol-of-Montana question, either. Bigger. Broader. TEXAS.

The 'state of transition' thing I've been feeling lately is frankly, getting bigger. And harder to distinguish.

I know what I *want*: To make a living outside the 9 to 5. There's still that stubborn voice upstairs that firmly believes it's possible. It is possible, people are doing it. Is it practical? Not likely. Is it lucrative? Couldn't begin to say. Is it attractive? Hell Yes.

90% of the actors I know have deskjobs, dayjobs, and other ways to spend their day that will allow them to support themselves, and so forth. I worked retail for all of two months before needing to walk away from the insanity of it. I've worked a secretarial / administrative / whatever-you-call-it job for the last 2 & 1/2 years.

Enough o' this nonsense. My question, posed to anybody who cares to answer, is this: What would you do? Follow the safer route that carries steady employment with healthcare? Or brave the elements of the 'gig' life and feel that much more alive?

I don't know. They both have their strong points. And I'm certainly still young enough to recover from a few more mistakes, if they can teach me something.


Have yourselves a good night, folks. Be well.


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