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Sunday, March 12, 2006

How To Make A Homicidal American Quilt

Lots has happened, these last few days.

Assassins opened this weekend to a pair of virtually sold out houses, which is always great to see. Nothin’ like playing a psychopath with rage issues to get the blood pumping. Nicole (one of our cast members) wondered how exactly I managed to still have a voice, following plenty of in-character screaming and a celebratory cigar. Who can say, but the cords are still in fine shape.

In other news, Amanda really kicked some behind this morning at the St. Patty’s Day marathon. She ran 8 kilometers in what was a personal best, time-wise. It was great to see her cross the finish line. Congratulations, Amanda.

This weekend, a friend of mine was in a very bad car accident. Wendy’s car was totaled. Except for some minor scrapes, she was fine. Still… it was a very close call. I’m grateful she’s okay.

I saw a production of Julius Caesar this afternoon, set in Caesar’s Palace. They made some very interesting choices. Putting poker chips over the deceased Caesar’s eyes was a nice touch. Jay did a fine job as Brutus. I’d say he stole the show, but it was pretty much his to begin with. The man certainly knows how to work a room.

It was a good weekend, Folks. The good news was great, and the bad news could have been much, much worse. Sounds like a win in my book.


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