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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

All The News That's Barely Fit To Print

Last night at rehearsal… was last night at rehearsal. Some parts went great, others not so much.

Byck evidently hates his damn sandwich, in his first speech. Jenna brings me the ingredients I need to make it since she’s not feeling well, and I put the bloody sandwich in the bag and off we go.

To date, various incarnations of the sandwich have nearly flown off stage, gotten crumbs on the tape recorder, or just generally presented a choking hazard as I try to tirade around half a mouthful of sandwich. Demosthenes would be so proud.

Last night, the sandwich finally got its wings. Whoosh it went, down it fell on the stage, completely free of its wrapping. Oy. I made sure I picked it up before I skedaddled, but that is the *last* time I’m touching the damn thing during the scene. Just wasn’t in the cards.

So get this: We’re getting ready for vocal warm-ups, and Jeff (our Charles “I Am Gonna Lose My Beardy” Guiteau) walks up to me and says, “I want in.” Huh? What?

Jeff wants the fame and glory that go hand in hand with being mentioned in my blog. Of course, no-one else has collected their allotted fame and glory, so it’s just sitting here. I’m delighted to have been asked, though. More power to me. Mwa ha ha ha.

OOH: Speaking of Mwa ha ha ha, I’m headed back into the booth this afternoon, where I will be using a number of accents. Including my French. Haven’t had cause to use that one in a while, so it’ll be fun to blow the dust off and see what happens.

And in one week… I return to the studio in DC to wrap up Season 2 of Pendemonium. Dark Marker will strike again. Yes indeed! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!



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