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Monday, March 13, 2006

The Word Is "Sweet"

Tonight, after many a week in rehearsal for Assassins, my tradition of movie night con mi hermano resumes. Tonight's flick? Leon, aka The Professional. Luc Besson at his directing best, with Natalie Portman's debut no less. Rock the EFF on.

This dandy of a side-project I'm working on is coming along at a satisfying pace. I'm also typing a lot more than usual, so that's makin' the hands feel a bit stiff, but; the things I do for my art. (If you can call this gibberish art.)

*FLAG DOWN* Whoah. Okay. Yes. I'm sorry. That was indeed a reference to Phantom of the Opera. Wow. Won't happen again. *blows dust off the reference, moves on*

Regardless of coffee, today has been a fairly sleepy day. Yawn. Maybe if I got my sleep the last few days in the allotted blocks, rather than chopping them up to four-hour nuggets when time permitted... Hrmm.

Tonight, I see my brother. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to still hang with Pedro. Wednesday? In the freaking studio for the cartoon. WITH COMPANY. Shazam.

This? This right here? This is me, unable to wait.

More to follow, folks.


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