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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Whoah, Whoah, STOP.

Folks, despite the fact that I have managed to loosen up somewhat over the past few years and generally be a more relaxed guy, there are still things that I take fairly seriously. When those issues / views / whatnot are rubbed the wrong way, it still gets stuck in my craw.

Things like this. Scroll all the way down. Alan Moore, creative mind behind V for Vendetta and too many other modern classic comics to count, wants his name stricken from any association with the new movie of the same name.

I can completely understand where he’s coming from. Completely. (I have yet to see the flick, but it’s on my list.) That’s not what I’m ticked about, here. No no.

They call Moore a cartoonist.

They call Alan Moore a GD cartoonist.

Moore is one of, if not the most respected writer in comics today. The term ‘graphic novel’ was coined for his work; you think I’m kidding?

I thought about making an asinine comparison here, i.e. “calling him a cartoonist is like calling xxxxxx a xxxxxxx.” But I couldn’t think of any that would have the oomph I’m looking for.

I also want to go on record as saying I respect cartoonists. I wouldn’t have links to some damned funny webcomics (on the right, there) if I didn’t. But Moore doesn’t belong in that category, and he never did.

Take a look at Watchmen or the character John Constantine; League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or From Hell. Then you tell me if they belong in the Sunday Funnies.

Careless Jerks.


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