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Friday, March 17, 2006

And The Hits Keep On Comin'

Folks... Ah, what the hell. I'll say it. We rock. The Cast, Crew, Orchestra, Director and Producers of Assassins rock, en masse. That's a lot.

Need further proof? How about the review over at

Why, what's this? It appears to be an excerpt!! Heavens!

"Diego Prieto, with his strong stage presence, anchors the entire piece as Booth, and Andy Izquierdo creates a nice contrast by giving Oswald a touching fragility."

"Casey Jones is particularly impressive in the role of Sam Byck... He has no song of his own, but he makes the two monologues based on Byck's tape recorded messages to Nixon and Leonard Bernstein equal in dramatic weight to the sung stories of assassins..."

Wow. Wow.

"Jeff Breslow does a particularly fine job with the song I Am Going To The Lordy!" "Sam Ludwig is very good as John Hinckley in his duet with Jaclyn Young as "Squeaky" Fromme Unworthy of Your Love."

"There is a solid sound from the on-stage orchestra.Of special note is the work of whichever reed player who handles the saxophone behind Ludwig and Young's duet, Unworthy of Your Love."

Nice work, ladies n' gents. Very nice work indeed.



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