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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Energy To Burn

Folks, it's been one interesting weekend.

I saw another show last night; Necessary Targets in Reliance, VA. It was directed by a former teacher of mine from SU, and was cast (I think) entirely of Shenandoah students and Alumni. Among them, Wendy. It was a very good show; and it felt nice to 'return the favor' since Wendy had made it to Assassins' swansong performance.

As for today? Who knows. I've been downright restless. Had enough vim n' vigor to take two three-mile walks this afternoon, the second of which may have equally been a decent excuse to pick up some cigars. Who can say.

The word is-- well, the first word that comes to mind is 'antsy', but it's not very dignified. Let's call it... charged.

I've been trying to put that energy to good use, working in force on the latest manuscript for transcription. It's satisfying work, quite literally (or at least, Editorially) cutting a swath through it. Avast.

I'm finally going to see V For Vendetta later on tonight; my first night off and free in some time. Heather can't stop raving about it, and anything from the mind of Alan Moore (albeit diluted) is bound to be good.

Finally, I am pleased to report that I am actually satisfied with pages of the new comic script. The scenes I'm picking out for illustration (should be starting any time now, woot) are going to be good. I would dearly love to see this thing take off. There is nothing quite like seeing your writing in actual print. And something like this? Forgettaboutit.

I am being tight-lipped on this one, at least online. Details are to be had only in person, if you're curious, becuase I dare not jinx myself (or shoot myself in the foot) by divulging any actual details on the story here. That'd be just stupid.

Heather, I'm very proud of you, and I can't wait for your work to be complete. Neither can you, I'd bet.

Ciao, for now, folks. Most definitely more to follow.

Sooner or later.


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