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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

I'm awake-- at 1 AM on a Sunday, I'm awake. This is not new. It should, however, be dealt with.

The car accident and subsequent rental have thrown a prodigious kink in my financial plans for moving to New York. With certain deals coming together, as well as upcoming promisary gigs, all should be well. By the skin of my teeth; but all should be well.

I make no claim to be good with money. However, the same instinct that says 'move North' dictates the bare minimum amount to travel with; so I'm going with my gut. I have faith that it's the right move, and the right time to make it.

A few friends of mine are having relationship issues. One is striving to keep a relationship together, while another is doing everything they can to sever said ties. In both cases, I think it's the right move. So said the single man.

I'm looking forward to this fresh start. I'm looking forward to 'going out with a bang'. At least, as far as my Maryland theatrical career is concerned. I'm looking forward to not knowing what the hell is coming next. I do like that prospect.

I'll strive in the future not to use Bob Dylan songs as titles to Blog entries, but it was the most appropriate thing I could come up with for the moment. Mea culpa.

Sweet dreams, folks. Sweet dreams.



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