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Thursday, September 14, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different

I've said more than once that I knew (or felt) early on that this year would largely be one of change. Turns out I've been right. The lastest evidence of which; my car collided with at about 50 miles an hour on Sunday. I'll never see my car, lovingly named Claudia, in working order again. I'm getting over it.

The majority of other changes this year have been positive. Some of the best of them haven't been mine: Friends have graduated from college with Master's degrees, gotten married and some have even started (or continued) having children. The good changes don't come much bigger than that.

So, why this year? What makes it so fertile for things shaken up? In an abstract way, it does feel connected; even between friends of mine who have never met. They're taking similar steps at similar times; somewhere along the line my brain developed a knack for spotting patterns (significant or imaginary).

Two months from now, I'm moving: New town, old friends, and I'm chasing down some opportunities I've been drooling over for years. Why now. Whether I'll be moving on or not remains to be seen, but I've nothing better to do than find out.

I have the vaguest sense of the bigger picture. Despite the setbacks of the last five days, I still believe it to be the right move, regardless of the buzzing in my lungs that denotes panic.

It'll keep. More than enough to take care of in the meantime.

More to follow.



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