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Thursday, September 07, 2006

In Other News, Don't See The Wicker Man

I went out with my friend Jack, last night. Much needed 'guy' time. Drinks were had, stories traded, and somewhere along the line he mentioned he was going to see The Wicker Man this weekend. I asserted my position that he should, in fact, not.

The bartender's ears pricked up, confessing he and his wife were planning to see it as well.

"Don't," I said. "Rent the original. Heck, buy it, it's cheaper than tickets and popcorn for a Friday night."

"Okay," said the bartender.

Don't see The Wicker Man. It's bad. By the end it's funny-bad; and not in a good way.

This may very well be my calling for the next few weeks; spreading the good word about not seeing that god-awful remake.

Don't see it. Don't.

Check back later, for more warnings not to see it. 'Cause you shouldn't. See it, that is.



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