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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ring Around The Rosie

Tonight saw the first read-through of the script; and it was most enjoyable. We have a great casts assembled. Can't wait to start developing it into a full-fledged production.

In other random trivia-- I don't have any good history with jewelry. Rings and I just don't mix, evidently. (A claddagh ring I bought in college rapidly broke, but that's probably because I bought it.)

I saw one at a street fair, a few days ago. A ring, that is. I liked it, it fit, I bought it. Tonight, my good friend Laura took one look at it and alluded to the fact that it's symbolically a 'chastity ring'. A ring, with a loose ring surrounding it. A sign of chastity.

Yeah. That applies more than I'd like. Anyway. It was a good night. I'm evidently good at a game at Dave & Buster's that earns 1,000 tickets a game. Won it twice. Woot.

Have a good one, folks.


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