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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just Delicious.

I saw Ratatouille today. I've always enjoyed Pixar's movies. I frickin' loved The Incredibles.

I adored Ratatouille. Absolutely adored it. I can admire passion for something as long as it's genuine; and the attention, the devotion to the preparation of excellent food-- that hit home. Likewise, the brilliance of a rat who likes to cook... it could very easily been a gimmick, a cheap comedy.

Also? Ian Holm. I love his work. All of it. He did a movie some years ago, Big Night, about a pair of competing Italian restaurants. In the movie, he is the successful one; but the lesser cook. Still, at the dinner table, his first taste of the masterpiece meal: "I should kill you. This meal is so fucking good, I should fucking kill you!" Nothing like culinary hubris to show off an actor's chops.

The movie, Ratatouille, is nothing short of excellent. Brilliant script, elegant concept, refreshing pacing, sharp dialogue... and cooking pointers included. Outstanding.

Go see it.


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