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Friday, August 03, 2007

Opening Night!

Well, tonight's the night. The Yellow Brick Monologues opens in Times Square, Off-Off Broadway. Exactly the sort of thing I moved to New York to do.

A lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money have gone into this. The show is as good as I can make it.

Heart-warming Dorothy? Check. Blood-chilling Wicked Witch? Check. A dynamite cast? Well-- besides the wonderful trio (and Toto makes four) are Glinda, The Mayor of Munchkinland, Nikko the Winged Monkey, and of course, The Wizard. Plus a character or two of my own creation. The actors playing them are superb.

The show works. Of that I have no doubt. Whether or not it makes any money remains to be seen. As far as advertising is concerned, I've done everything I could afford to, and that's the truth. Fortune smiled and we're also in this week's Time Out New York, so that's pretty good.

My first New York premiere... Outstanding.



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