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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fancy That...

I was a member of E-Harmony for a full year; and never got as far as a second date w/ anyone I met through the site. I'm a member of the Onion Personals for ten minutes and someone writes me that I immediately hit it off with. That would be Shawna.

Funny world. After a year of looking for something to have in common w/ the right person, a woman pops up out of the woodwork that could not be a more pleasant surprise. She's smart (smarter than me), she's driven, she has a very cool job in journalism and she's as tall as I am. We like the same author. She's a longtime fan of Buffy, The West Wing and oh yes-- beer.

We've had three dates so far; the last of which consisted of late night sushi in Manhattan. Probably a New York cliche', but if you think I'm complaining... well. Take my word for it that I am not.

I feel inordinately lucky. I also feel pretty calm about the whole thing. In the past, when newly met with someone with real potential, my eagerness to laud her praises was a barometer for over-reaction. Butterflies would plague my stomach. Now?

I don't know where this is going. Neither does she. What we do know is that we enjoy one-another's company. We make each other laugh. That's a damned good start to whatever's going to happen.

On a completely different note, I've burrowed into a Shakespeare-reading group, and am learning that most hallowed of skills: Networking. I had a great chat w/ one of the heads of our little round table, and he's pointed me in a hopeful direction to secure funding for future productions for Maker's Muse. More on that as it develops.

Be well, folks.

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