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Monday, March 24, 2008

Mind The Gap

It's been quite a spell since my last post; partly because I've been without a computer at home for the last week. Still, lots to catch up on.

I'm on the waiting list for some very promising writing classes at the PIT-- more than one person I mentioned this to had similar responses to my own: Why didn't I do this sooner? The classes in question would be perfect for my comedic writing, and possibly lead to future work. Never hurts to network. Regardless, I'm enjoying the surge of writing energy. It feels like I've been drafting sketches left and right, and have a list of others to follow up on. Shazam.

Financially things have been a bit strained of late, but that's hardly anything new. Just have to keep on keepin' on...

My roommate and I enjoy a competitive streak of chess matches. We're more or less evenly matched, he crushes me with humiliating defeats about as often as I return the favor. Yesterday, we played two games and won one apiece. He was eager to break the tie. I asked him if he'd prefer losing to keeping the score tied at one-all. He said yes. Obligingly, I kicked his butt.

I made the usual holiday calls yesterday to friends and family. Other than baking a pie, that was as close to 'doing something special' as I got. Can't win 'em all.

Lastly, I am happy to announce that my cousin, Kat, is getting married this Friday. I'm heading down to Maryland to attend. The weekend will continue w/ family and friends I haven't seen in far too long. Can't wait.

Keep your fingers crossed on my laptop's well being, it likely won't be cheap to get fixed. Damn.

Cheers, folks. More to follow.



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