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Monday, February 11, 2008

On Mojo, Or The Seeming Lack Of It

How to begin. Well, my name's Casey and I haven't had a first date lead to a second in almost two years. It wears thin.

One could say I'm having "a dry spell." Likewise, I could be steeped in "a slow year." However you paint it, I'm sick of it. Eharmony has paved the way to half a dozen dates in the past year; none of which have amounted to anything resembling a relationship. One or two of them, I didn't want them to. The rest...

I've made friends with a few guys up here; one's married, three others are in long-term relationships and one of my roommates is happily seeing someone. Three other guys I know seem to have no problem falling ass-backwards toward available women. Honestly, it's enough to make ya heave.

I know it'll supposedly "happen when it happens." But lemme tell ya, New York is one lonely city, in the wintertime or otherwise.


No good will come from over-thinking this. I have no idea why it's been impossible of late to meet anyone promising. All I know for certain is that I'm fed up with it.

In (entirely different) other news, I had a wonderful evening with a friend of mine last night. Tried out a recipe for steak and homemade peanut sauce w/ broiled onions; which was delicious. As was the pie we made for dessert. We also watched a movie of her choosing; after which she went home. So: If I can't date, at least I can share a couch for a few hours with a nice girl.

Whatever it's worth.

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