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Monday, February 04, 2008

An Interesting Turn

I've been working on my comic book for quite a while now. The idea first came to me nearly two years ago. It was only after signing the contracts (pat myself on the back, why not) that the thing really started to flesh itself out. Oh, I had plot and characters and so forth, but the real twists didn't come 'til later.

Anyway. I am somewhat entrenched in issue seven; and happy to be there. Pacing-wise, things are about to pick up considerably, but in working out a scene I've been anticipating for months, today it finally solved itself. Violently.

A character that has been involved since the beginning meets his/her end in issue seven. I killed a character dead. No coming back.

It's funny how things work out. I had future plans for the character in question; and in the breadth of two pages his/her whole fate has turned around and been abbreviated-- and punctuated. I kind of like it.

It's nice to be working on creative projects in addition to preparing for work, which will start any day now...

Cheers, folks.

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