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Thursday, January 24, 2008


It has been a long week. The novelty of going to the same office every day has not worn off-- too bad tomorrow's the last day of the job. Oh well... I am still hopeful about the magazine editor job. It would be terrific to have regular writing work; despite the commute.

I helped a friend last night record the material for his first commercial VO demo. It's going to be good. I like doing this stuff, not to mention getting paid for it. It all runs along a notion I once pondered about people enjoying the activities they're good at. I mean, come on, are there folks out there that get a kick out of sucking at things? "Time to go shoot some hoops. I am terrible at this! Shazam!!"

In other news; I've started talking with a particular girl on eHarmony. We seem to have a lot in common-- like looking forward to the "If Today Is Your Birthday" horoscopes. Just a quirky little thing but nice to know in any case. The fact that she takes a very nice picture only enhances things. *cough*

Okay. Enough out of me. For now. Sweet dreams, folks.

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  • At 9:57 AM, Anonymous TexanNewYorker said…

    I feel you on that yawn. It took MASSIVE HERCULEAN EFFORT to drag myself out of bed this morning.


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