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Friday, February 08, 2008

"A Tax On Fools"

There's a certain charge in the air: the office is abuzz about tonight's lottery drawing; which is currently worth roughly $120,000,000. Lump sum, post-taxes would probably be in the neighborhood of $70-80 Mil. I threw a buck in the pool.

My brother and I have an agreement; any time the lottery gets into the triple digits, we buy a ticket or two and promise to split the winnings. I like that. I guess posting about it here insures I'd be an honest gent about it if the unthinkable actually happens. It is to laugh.

Of course, there's the usual talk floating around of quitting work and living the high life, but some times I think it might be neat to go on doing the daily stuff-- almost like a secret identity. By day, working stiff. By night, he becomes RICHMAN. With his inestimable wealth, refined tastes and affable charm; the playboy breaks hearts and blah blah blah. Heh.

Anyway. It's something fun to think about between bouts of filing...

What would you do with crazy money?


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