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Monday, February 25, 2008

On Writing

It's no secret that I'm a writer. I occasionally even manage to produce something of merit. Hell, my comic is getting published (sooner or later) and a show I put on Times Square brought in a decent dollar amount for a first-time effort.

And something that helped in the writing process? Having someone in mind for the part. Finishing Yellow Brick Monologues, or rather, fleshing it out, involved writing more for the Wicked Witch of the West. I was able to do that after meeting the actress that would eventually play her.

The same goes, in a sense, for the comic. One of the main supporting roles is played (in my head) by good friend and Loose Poisonous Viper, Laura. It helps form her dialogue.

As for my newest script (which is nowhere near done), I've been writing once again w/ Chrysten in mind. The story calls for an intelligent, attractive young woman; which she is. The character also goes a bit mad in the end if I can work it right, and I've seen her pull off some beautiful wickedness. I don't think batshit would be too much of a stretch. Heh.

Anyway. Even with the Oscars on tonight (congrats Tilda Swinton! Congrats Diablo Cody!) I managed to finally eke out Act One, Scene Two. It's a good continuation. Plenty left to do, not that it'll get done tonight.

Still-- that's what is on my brain at present. Thought I'd share.



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