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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dream A Little Dream...

Once again the lotto is tonight and once again, no-one has won. I picked up a ticket for myself and Andy, and one in the office pool. Couldn't hurt.

I posed the question before (without an answer), but I'm happy to get the ball rolling on this one. What would you do with crazy additional funds?

Personally, after erasing debts, I'd pour some money into the comic book. Get it all paid for up front to expedite production, instead of this piecemeal stuff. Then I'd put Yellow Brick Monologues back on stage, get in production and keep it in production til it can stand on its own feet... After that? Who knows. Rent a flat in London, Maryland and sunny Hawaii. Be in a position to get anywhere I wanted in the world.

Fun musings for the time being. Have a good one, folks.


  • At 11:15 AM, Blogger showtune said…

    I'd pay off my debt and my wife's debt. Get us each reliable cars and book a fantastic vacation to the Mediterranian. Like a 3 week cruise or something. When we got home I'd start looking into what it would take to start a theatre company.


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