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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's.

Another year, another day for the couples of the western world to get especially mooshy and sentimental w/ flowers, cards & chocolates. Likewise, the yin to their rose-tinted yang is for those of us not in a relationship to be especially bitter. That's how the cliche' goes, anyway.

I don't think I give a flying f*ck. One way or the other. Let those ensconced in cupid's grove enjoy their special day, let those stuck on their onesies pound on the windows trying to get in (if that's their wish).

I've spent too much time as a single man to raise much of a fuss over missing out on V-Day yet again. I'm over it.

(Granted; the very fact that I'm bringing up Valentine's betrays that it's at least on my mind. I'm inconsistent and self-contradictory. Sue already.)

Have a good day, folks. Of one kind or another.


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