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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Progress, Of More Than One Kind

Well, there's a spot of good news; for the first time in weeks, tomorrow is payday and my account isn't flat-empty prior to it. The money will be gone soon enough, bills to pay; but it makes for a pleasant change of pace. Yay employment.

In other smashing news, I finished the first draft of issue seven, last night. Late last night. The juices were flowing and I took advantage of 'em. It felt great to hammer home that last page and send it off to Bill, my editor.

I haven't started in on issue eight. I haven't had the time, of course, but also I think a break might be due-- at least insomuch that I can chip away at other writing projects for a little while. A book idea I've had for ages is just sitting in my hard drive, and sketches that need developing are likewise inert without a bit of elbow grease. Well. Elbow grease so far as typing is concerned.

It feels good to be writing, and to have things to write.

* * *

On another completely different note, Pedro rocks. He calls me up about the most random stuff. The other night he called me to let me know about a History Channel special, The History of the Joke. That is totally something I would have enjoyed. If we had cable, that might be possible!

Anyway. Chris rocks. He went on to regale me with a few golden zingers from the special, and let loose with his hyena-like fountain of laughter after each one. What can I say. I love the guy.

So: A priest, a rabbi and a sperm whale walk into a bar...

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