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Friday, February 29, 2008


Fourteen months, twenty days. That's how long I've been in the Big Apple.

I'll be the first to admit that lately I've been in a consistently crummy mood. Granted, there have been things to be crummy about, but they shouldn't (and shouldn't be allowed) to get in the way of the bigger picture.

I put a show in Times Square. My comic is going to be published. I've made friends, here. None of those things would be possible if I hadn't made the move happen.

It's been expensive, terribly so, to get and stay here; but I have to believe that it will be worth it. The cost, both financial and personal. Even now I remember friends and a comfortable life I left behind...

Do I miss doing shows in Maryland? Absolutely. I was getting good parts, regularly. I was even being asked to audition. Hell, I was even offered a part once or twice. Nothing of the kind has occurred here. My work, such as it is, has been of an entirely different nature.

Rather than seek out plays to perform in, my attention has been more on producing original stuff. Improvising. Making that which is new. That feels good. Better than I've realized lately, with my head stuffed up my tuchus.

I've been out of touch. Lost in my own frankly depressing thoughts. And that's fine. It's part of the process. It led me *here*. Tonight, at least, I feel good. I feel better than good.

Here's hoping it lasts for a bit.



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