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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking Up

Well. Work at my temporary assignment ended a week early; thanks to our floundering economy. I do have an interview in the morning that seems promising. The work is less than glamourous; but I'm determined to do whatever's necessary to stay in this city.

In trying times (like today), I find a good meal goes a long, long way to bolster my reserves-- if not my resources. A few weeks ago I picked up the Balthazar Cookbook; a collection of recipes from one of New York's finest French Bistros. (Do I really need to say French, if the term is Bistro?) The recipe's Maitre' D butter made the meal something extravagant and rich, and absolutely delicious.

The electric grill I picked up was necessary and welcome in the kitchen: I have a number of recipes that call for grilling meat rather than saute' or broiling; so it's a welcome addition to the kitchen.

Dinner was, in a word, superb. I feel good. Tomorrow should be that much easier... I hope.



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