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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Watchmen Blew

I saw Watchmen, the other night. I won't lie, I was sorely disappointed, but I went in eyes open for whatever Zack Snyder had to offer. Nevertheless, I'm struck with the same thought that's been shared with countless other devotees to Alan Moore's vision: He completely missed the point.

He missed the point. I'm not saying that the movie wasn't meticulous in detail, it was. Beautifully so. But to dilute the characters, their choices, their reactions; and to spell out their feelings was nothing short of bushleague.

I can cite specific instances where beautiful moments were lost. I can list, document and spell out 'til doomsday the ways in which the movie fell short of the mark. Hell, I even may; if I ever have that much free time or bile stored up.

Regardless, the movie short-changed its audience. It did so badly. Watchmen was bad. It was very bad, and Zack Snyder should feel bad. To say more would belabor the point.



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