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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good News, Bad News

Well. What a madcap few weeks it's been. I'm employed again (in the short term), and have a prospect or three (in the long term). Neither of are great consolation in the very now present. I knew-- KNEW-- that life in New York would be hard. I just didn't want to think about how hard it's gotten of late.

I am clinging to hopes and plans and prayers that the hard work I've put in and am putting in will pay off.

God. It's just difficult. Making ends meet? Getting anything for myself done creatively? Finding someone special. I could use a break. (Couldn't we all.) I could really use a lucky break.

Luck, as they say, is opportunity meeting preparation. I'm prepped. I'm prepped up to my gills. What I could use is some opportunity.

Any day now...



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