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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bad News Follows The Good

This new job opportunity isn't as easy to get into as I first hoped. It's requiring a few hoops to jump through (not the least of which is a copy of my birth certificate) because I'm going to need New York ID to get started. I don't have it on hand, which means waiting. Waiting and not getting paid.

I need to ask them some questions about what I can do in the meantime; because otherwise I am completely out of ideas. I could really, really use some good news. Not prospects, not a light at the end of a tunnel, something *now*. I know patience has never been my virtue but this is getting obscene.

I've been praying for help; in addition to chasing down this job opportunity; which *can* be lucrative once it starts... it's just the waiting that's going to get me. Nobody made this bed but me; I know that. Doesn't make things the slightest bit easier.

More to follow.

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