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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Year

Well now. It seems the Powers That Be are corroborating in my favor. I'd say something snarky like "finally" or "at last" but any American under the age of 30 has no right to be throwing around words like that without sounding like a complete jackass.

Still. It's enjoyable, this sensation of progress being made.

The comic book took a kidney punch late last week; and now mending is being done. More to follow on that soon.

For fear of jinxing my chances with prospect #2, I'm remaining sagely tight-lipped. (But if you drop me a line, I'll let you know the details on a one-on-one basis.)

#3? I'm in the running for a job at NBC. Admin, Clerical stuff, but it'd be my foot in the door. At NBC. They like my resume', they've checked my personal references, and called today to double-check my business references as well. They must want me somewhat for the job; if they're still investigating after ProveIt! tests and interviews and so on.

I really, really need a job. Steady work would be wonderful. Better-paying work and benefits while working in television could be spectacular. I just need to make it happen. If they make the call... I'm gonna be there.

Please, please keep me in your prayers. A lot of irons have been in the fire for a lot of months and now it's 2009.

It's gonna be my year.

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