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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How I Went A Month And A Half Without Blogging

Heh. Well, now we'll see if that kind of headline draws any additional readers-- I've been doing a fair bit of in-office research; and writing a good headline has been part of the work. Good stuff.

I had an excellent birthday. I'm enjoying being a prime number again for the first time in a decade; just in time for my own personal Saturn Return.

I've been brainstorming, but have been doing little actual writing. That's going to change. I need to get All Fall Down out of the way before I try to tackle anything truly new. At least write the last two scripts-- it's still going to be a while before they see shelves. I'm living with it.

Saw a tarot card reader last week (by far the most unique birthday gift I received, thanks boss). He had encouraging things to say; and only one or two ominous warnings, so that's good.

I feel... good. I went for a long walk yesterday (2 miles on the track) and I've been meditating semi-regularly. I like it, and I like how it makes me feel. Gives me a clear head.

I have plans to build a sketch comedy team-- plans that are still in the very early stage. I have yet to even hold auditions. Need to get on the ball there. I have time and should be making the most of it. Weekends are the ideal time to hold try-outs, and I won't have a free day before Halloween. *Shrug.*

I need to change the way I go about doing certain things. Get rid of some bad habits, and force-feed some new ones until they stick. I'm pushing 30. It's high time. I've taken a few steps toward that goal, but they won't happen overnight, or by accident. 'bout time I used some willpower. Eh?

Oh-- I also went *out* Friday night. To socialize. Flying solo. Cannot remember the last time I did that, but seeing as I'm not going to meet anyone sitting around at home, it was the next best option available. So. There's that.

Anyway. Life, going on. As it does.

I'm putting myself out there.